Your Simplified Summer Car Care Overview

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Your Simplified Summer Car Care Overview

Visit Rivertown Buick GMC for Summer Maintenance

When you have Summer automotive maintenance needs, Rivertown Buick GMC has solutions. Stop by our dealership’s Columbus, Georgia location for summer maintenance near Phenix City and LaGrange, Georgia, to optimize your vehicle’s form and function, extend your model’s lifespan and circumnavigate high-cost future repairs.

Learn how to best maintain your vehicle during the heat with our summer car care tips below.

The Significance of Summer Fluid Maintenance

Drivers understand that they must change the oil in their cars routinely—but do they know why this service is so vital? Fresh oil lubricates an engine’s moving parts to ensure proper functionality. As time progresses, motor oil becomes contaminated and loses its effectiveness before eventually turning into sludge that can cause complete engine failure. Visit Rivertown Buick GMC’s Service Center, and our certified technicians will quickly and effectively integrate the best possible oil for your engine and swap out your oil filter so you can experience higher performance drives.

Did you know that season changes can negatively impact your car’s fluid? When Summer comes around, a Rivertown Buick GMC Service Center inspection will allow you to know whether vital automotive fluids like your power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, and more are at quality levels. Adding some coolant or completing a full coolant flush is often necessary during the Summer to help your A/C run effectively throughout the hot season.

Your model’s brake fluid is part of a larger braking system—and multiple components within this system need routine maintenance. Swing by our Service Center for an inspection, and we’ll give you an accurate report on your car’s brake system, so you know whether brake work like brake pad replacement or rotor replacement is necessary.

Keep Your Wheels Moving This Summer

Tire pressure maintenance isn’t solely for cold climate drivers. While natural air loss within tires peaks during cold weather, transitioning from a colder season into a warmer one may result in your tires’ pressure being too low at the start of the season. Receive a tire pressure check at Rivertown Buick GMC so you can launch long-distance summer driving adventures with confidence.

Hot Summer weather can spell bad news for your car’s battery—but it doesn’t have to. Our state-of-the-art Columbus, Georgia, Service Center will test your battery’s ability to retain a charge and clean your battery’s surface and terminals to help fight corrosion. If you’re in need of battery replacement—our Service Center has you covered.

Are you experiencing pulls to one side of the road, steering wheel vibrations, or a crooked steering wheel when driving straight? These three symptoms are all sure signs of misaligned wheels, so stop by Rivertown Buick GMC’s Service Center for Summer maintenance so our technicians can get your vehicle’s wheels back to correct manufacturer specs.

Follow Our Car Maintenance Tips for Summer with Ease

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