OEM Vs. Generic Parts

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OEM Vs. Aftermarket: What’s The Difference?
At Rivertown Buick GMC, we know that some of our customers are hard-core DIYers that like to complete their own maintenance and repairs, which is why we keep our OEM auto parts center stocked with all of the parts that any DIYer would ever need. However, when it comes to completing your vehicle’s services and repairs, do the replacement parts you use have to be OEM or can they be aftermarket? Is there really that much of a difference if they both do the same thing? Dive in with us as we explore both pathways and discover which option is truly best for your vehicle.

Buying Generic
Many people automatically resort to aftermarket parts rather than OEM auto parts because aftermarket parts are oftentimes cheaper than OEM parts, however, the benefits don’t go far beyond that. The risk with aftermarket parts is that there are often so many different manufacturers that make the same part, that it leads to the quality often being unchecked. Auto part manufacturers compete to make a lower-cost replacement part. This fact often results in the part not lasting as long as an OEM part, and it ends up costing the vehicle owner more money in the long run. A perfect example; replacing your Genuine Buick brake pads with low-cost aftermarket pads. The result may be a cheaper upfront cost, however, after factoring in a potential increased stopping distance with reduced brake pad life, you may find that the cost ends up being far greater than you first expected.

Buying OEM
Buying Genuine OEM auto parts is much easier and simpler than purchasing aftermarket parts because they’re generally only made by one manufacturer; this means that you’ll be sure that they’ll fit, and perform as they are intended. Another added benefit of buying an OEM auto part is the fact that there is a level of quality assurance that you can count on. Most aftermarket parts come with a certain warranty or guarantee, but many aftermarket parts come with no such quality guarantee.

There’s Only One Place To Get Your OEM Parts
At Rivertown Buick GMC, we feature all the parts that your Buick or GMC vehicle needs to stay on the road and run like it did that day when you first drove it off the lot. Featuring outstanding customer service, a full inventory of car parts, and all of the convenience you need, there’s no better place to get your replacement parts than our Buick and GMC Parts Center. Whether you need an air conditioning condenser, a transmission, or other GM parts and accessories, you can trust that our Buick GMC Parts Department has all of the parts you need. Click here to order your parts from the convenience of your own home, and pick up the part when it’s ready.

If you don’t have time to complete your own vehicle service and need professional maintenance or auto repair, bring your car over to our service and repair department and let our professionals handle it for you. Click here to conveniently schedule your next service or repair, and trust that your vehicle is in the best hands.

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