How To Know It’s Time To Change Your Tires

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Changing Your Tires Makes A Difference
Your tires are arguably the most important component on your vehicle, and because they wear down over the course of time and travel, it’s important to know when to replace them. Whether your tires break down from rough handling, or general wear and usage, you’ll need to replace your worn-out tires in order to keep your drives safe and efficient. When it’s time to replace your set of tires, or any other auto part, schedule service at Rivertown Buick GMC in Columbus, and we’ll restore your fun and safe drives. We also have a Buick and GMC parts center with the tires your ride will need.

Signs You’ll Want To Replace Your Tires
Gauging the condition of your tires is quick and easy. First, grab a penny. Start by placing the penny head-first into the grooves of your tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for a new set of tires. If you can’t see the top of the iconic president’s head, your tires are ready to take you miles further—if your tires are close to six years in age, be sure to do this wear test periodically.

What Causes Your Tread To Wear?
Your tires’ tread wears down for a variety of reasons. When you drive, the natural sun’s rays will progressively damage your tires, as well as an excessively cold climate. If you cruise over gravel roads or rough grades often, your tires’ tread will wear faster than when you drive over paved streets.

As your tires age, they’ll wear as well. Remember when we said to perform the Lincoln test near the six-year mark? It’s because your tread tends to reach its minimum length around six years of ownership for the average driver—but again, this all depends on how often you drive and the types of roads you travel.

Why Does Your Tires’ Tread Matter?
You’ll always need full tire tread if you want to maximize your safety and performance. Without tire tread, you’ll struggle to remain gripped to the road. Not only will this prevent you from handling tight corners, but you also run the risk driving off the road, or spinning out when you attempt to make a basic turn under 20 mph.

Your tire tread pattern is also what allows you to remain in control when traveling over different surfaces. When you cruise over sand, snow, mud, or any awkward terrain, your tread is what keeps you driving where you want to go—as opposed to sailing off the road.

Where To Get Your Tires Replaced In Columbus, GA
Think you need new tires? Schedule a service at Rivertown Buick GMC near LaGrange, GA, for a tire replacement and alignment. Only our very best certified technicians can provide you with the service you deserve for your car, truck, or SUV. They know exactly how to replace your car tires and auto parts with no guesswork. Our team of experts at our service center can answer any further questions that come to mind.

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